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inbound vs Outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing Done With Precision

EZ is your trusted inbound marketing services companion. We use our expertise and knowledge of different forms of inbound marketing – content marketing, SEO, web design and development – to attract, convert, and nurture high-quality leads.

Your website design decides if visitors turn to customers or leave without a single click. How do you know what type of web design will provide the best user experience? By getting to know your customers and their needs and expectations. We use our inbound marketing software to find out your visitors and then discover their pain points and expectations to create a website that turns them into customers.

Inbound Marketing

  • Two Way Communication

  • Educate your Audience and provide value

  • Earn Trust

  • Customers Come to you

  • Permission Based Marketing

Outbound Marketing

  • One Way Communication

  • Provide Little To no value

  • Push Services to your audience

  • Customer are sought after

  • Interuption based marketing

Inbound Marketing Methodolgy

The Inbound Marketing methodology has a process that is customer centric. It is designed to provide value from the beginning of the process all the way to the closure of the sale and beyond

In bound marketing

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is used to refer to the process of turning prospects and leads into paying customers by creating compelling and engaging content. We achieve this by creating a customer profile to discover more about who your prospects are, where they hang out online, and what type of content attracts them the most.

It is important to plan a different type of marketing plan to suit different types of target audiences. For instance, the type of content that is popular with Facebook users may not go down well with the more mature and professional users of LinkedIn. By carefully studying the behavior and habits of each type of potential customers, we come up with the most effective inbound marketing program.

Your website is a vital aspect of your inbound marketing campaigns. To be able to rank well in search engine results, your website must be search engine optimized.

To compel visitors to keep coming back and eventually buy your products or services, your website must be well designed, easy to navigate, responsive, mobile friendly, and fast loading. To be able to turn visitors to customers, your website must be an effective marketing tool for your business.

The team of experts at EZ works with you to develop a custom inbound marketing program that boosts your marketing efforts and promotes your business. As our client, you will benefit from the individual attention that you get from our designers, developers, content strategists, and other marketing experts.

Inbound marketing is customer centric. It makes your customers aware of their pain points, makes them consider to solve the problem in order to lead a better life, and ultimately makes them choose your product or service that they believe will solve their pain points.

We use a variety of inbound marketing techniques to influence decision making and lead generation and conversion. EZ offers an affordable and cost effective solution for every type of business that wants to use inbound marketing techniques to convert leads and drive sales.


Why Inbound Marketing ?

In bound marketing


Consumer will become aware they need to solve a problem


Consumer will start education and consider solving the problem


Consumer will decide to solve or not to solve the problem

Most companies influence the consumer during the Consideration stage of the Buyer’s Journey. Increase your leads and sale by reaching and influencing the consumer at the awareness stage. Providing value at this stage gives you s competitive edge because the consumer is giving you permission to influence their decision before they decide to buy

Inbound Marketing Value

  • Competitive Edge

  • Higher Conversions

  • Lower Advertising Cost

  • Trackable Metrics to determine your ROI

Why choose EZ?

It’s simple: At EZ, you are the center of our attention. We understand how serious your business is to you and we realize that with the right marketing tools, you can not only drive more leads but also introduce beneficial products and services to society. We see the big picture here!

So why wait? Look around our virtual office and then schedule a free consultation with us.

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