All You Need to Know about Making the Most of WordPress Plugins

Did you know that the 9 out of 10 customers use a search engine to look for products and services that meet their needs? Having a website is an essential component of being in business today. Luckily, WordPress has allowed businesses to have professional quality websites at a fraction of the cost and time. With the popularity of WordPress, WordPress Plugins create value, tailor and customize your website and help you reach out to the right audience, with the right products and services to answer their needs at the right time.

What exactly are WordPress Plugins?

As an open source content management system and application framework, WordPress allows developers to customize their websites to improve them using plugins. Plugins are small software apps do a wide variety of improvements to WordPress sites from small tweaks to major transformations like creating online stores and podcast websites.

Plugins are an absolute must when seeking to customize your WordPress site to meet your various online marketing, advertising, or customer engagement needs. With 30.2 million small and medium-sized businesses across the country, the age of having a flat, 5-page website is a thing of the past. Your business’ online presence has now become an important part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Variety, Customization, and the World of Open Source

WordPress has literally changed the face of content management but the plugins and themes used with WordPress has opened a whole new world of opportunities for developers, and website owners, too. Currently, there are over 54,200 plugins currently available for WordPress and they all serve a variety of purposes and provide WordPress sites with a variety of functions allowing website owners to create and maintain customer forms, connect to search engines and track their search engine performance, create an email list of customers, add e-commerce functionality, boost online engagement, manage site advertising, and reduce spam to boost website integrity.

Plugins are developed by different developers working independently from, collaboratively or for Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Today, there are dozens of plugin developers with a wide variety of specializations and product lines. Automattic, WordPress’s own developer has created some of the most popular plugins in the market like WooCommerce, Gravatar, and Jetpack. Other developers like Blue Fountain media, Constant Contact Inc., and Seguro Technologies develop plugin solutions for the general market as well as specific clients. With the popularity of WordPress CMS, plugins have become must-have customization tools in website development.

Plugin Upkeep

Like everything connected to the Internet, maintenance is crucial. While WordPress takes most of the stress away from website development and customization, owners have to know that getting a website using WordPress technology is not an end product but a useful and powerful marketing tool that has to be upgraded, maintained, and protected. Yes, protected. One of the major benefits of upgrading your site’s plugins is security. Security remains one of the most important reasons for keeping your plugins up-to-date on a timely and regular manner. Plugin developer WPBeginner asserts that a whopping 83% of all WordPress sites that have experienced a security event such as hacking or breaches had out-of-date versions of their PHP, WordPress theme or plugins. Thus, updating your plugin is good for your business’ WordPress site’s security.

Remaining relevant in the virtual world means keeping up with the latest features and functionality that create convenience for your target audience. Intuitiveness is an essential quality of every successful site, app, or software. Plugins allow you to offer excellent user experience to your customers by adding new features and improving your site’s functionality.

Finally, bug fixing is one of the best perks of keeping your site’s WordPress plugins updated. Like everything virtual, plugins sometimes experience errors, do not function perfectly, or slow down your site’s functionality significantly. These problems are caused by bugs. Bugs are a normal part of the virtual environment over time but this does not mean your customers have to endure them permanently. Plugin developers do their best to eliminate bugs and do this by offering updates so it’s really advisable not to delay plugin updates for your WordPress site to eliminate all the bugs that undermine your customer’s user experience.

Wrapping It Up

WordPress has transformed the Internet landscape with about a third of all websites running on their software. In the same way, WordPress Plugins created intuitive functionality and better overall customer experience. However, maintenance is probably at the bottom of a website owner’s list of thing to do. The update treadmill could be overwhelming for a busy business owner who has to manage other aspects of the business. Don’t worry, there are professionals who could take the load off your WordPress Maintenance and Management for you. Feel safe and in control of your WordPress site and plugins by reaching out to us at _________________ for your WordPress maintenance and management. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about plugin updates and site maintenance. Reach out to us today.